District Governor Grant Hocking, accompanied by his wife Melissa, attended the Club meeting to give us an insight into what is happening at District level in rotary. Prior to the meeting Grant, along with ADG  Barry Hickman, met with our Board members to have a chat about how the Club is travelling. Grant provided very positive feedback about  the Club which was very pleasing to hear.
In Grant's presentation he provided information and comment on:
  • The End Polio Now project  - Grant handed the End Polio Now batten around the room.
  • In 2021 rotary will be holding its centenary and all Clubs are encouraged to adopt a special project to help celebrate the year.
  • The news that a rotary national drought relief fund raising effort is underway and all Clubs will be able to apply for access to the funds.
  • John McCaskill was recognised for his passion in promoting the Rotary 4 Bees project and also for being chosen to co-chair the District's new sustainability committee.
  • There is a need for rotary to keep innovating to keep being relevant.
  • A new Equity committee has been formed by District and it is keen to hear what Clubs are doing in this space.
  • He suggested that, as has occurred in a few other Clubs, our Club should consider forming a Peace  Committee.
  • He touched on a number of issues in regard to membership. These included a new type of Club called a passport Club which meets a minimum of four times a year, is project focused, is less formal and would be more attractive to time-precious younger adults. Another new type of Club is a Parent's Club which meets over coffee on a Saturday morning, the kids come along and again this would be very informal.
Finally Grant put in a plug for the Rotary Foundation and asked members to consider the Foundation as one the charities to which they donate.
Grant and Melissa were very generous with their time and stayed around long after the meeting concluded to have a chat with our members and guests.