Steve Wylie introduced our speakers from Swinburne University Hannah Bacon, Anh  Hynuh and Stephanie Luk. About 18 months ago the Club approached the University seeking assistance with the marketing of our Aussie Pride badges. The outcome has been an extensive report from the research project by the students which will be of great benefit to the AP program.
The students looked at various aspect of the program including volume and value of sales, marketing, sales channels and graphic design. Hannah gave a brief history of the badge and the sales process. The students concluded that the current approach to the sale of the badges was a not  a compelling sales story and the points of contact can become tiresome and inefficient.
The research looked at case studies and competitive analysis  of similar products Three market segments were considered - novelty items, individual fund raisers and memorial items.
The conclusions of the research were that:
  • there needs to be clearer messaging,
  • a positive experience, 
  • the process needs to sell the story rather than the product (such as what are the funds raised from the sale of badges used for)
  • the design of the packaging was graphically reviewed and suggested designs were proposed
  • a new EDM process was suggested for contacting and carrying forward the sales process
  • enhanced social media  presence and an updated badge website should be adopted
  • the badges should be renamed Wear the Wattle and additional products like wristbands should be considered
The Club is very grateful to Hannah, Anh and Stephanie and Swinburne University for the work which has been undertaken and  the advice and recommendations contained in the report.