Well there was a lot of doubt about whether a Club meeting  would be held for a long time due to the restrictions associated with social isolating.
However, to use a Trumpism,  there was a very great and exciting event last Monday 6 April when the Club held its first online meeting using the Zoom app.
More than 40 members managed to set-up the Zoom app on their PC's, tablets and mobiles to join the meeting. Special thanks to Lili-Ann Kriegler and Rob Anderson who worked to set-up the meeting and provide a guide and hands-on assistance to get the members connected to the meeting.
While it was a bit different not seeing each other face to face, there was lots of fun, a couple of jokes, a game of two-up, some social conversation and most importantly, the Club had inductions for 11 new members.
Ten of these new  members joined us from the former Yarra Bend Rotary Club and we were also, after a long but patient wait, finally able to induct Rose Stewart as a member.
Congratulations to all our new members and we look forward to your involvement in the Club's activities, projects and social events for many year s to come.
The Club is planning future online Club meetings.