It’s rare for Graham Bishop to receive an order  for just one Wear  the Wattle  badge, and a first through the Club's TryBooking purchase system.  So Graham  put a 'thank you’ note with the order, and the response is below.  
Hi Graham,
I bought the badge for my friend.  Due to COVID, my friend had to complete her citizenship ceremony on Zoom and was only able to have 1 person attend (me!). I lent her my citizenship badge for the day and she remarked how lovely it was. She was disappointed she didn't get to take part in the ceremony or get her own badge.  So, I can't give her a ceremony but I went looking to see if I could find the badge. I'm delighted you were able to sell it to me.  I've gotten her a jewellery box inscribed with the date of her citizenship and I'll put the badge in it. 
You'll make an Irish (now Aussie) lady very happy.
Mary Claire