Lili-Ann spoke about the launch of the Waggle Dance which will be on 1 May.
Much has happened in the last couple of weeks and the concept has gone through a few evolutions.
Members, friends, colleagues, groups and international contacts etc will be encouraged  to register to participate in the Waggle Dance and then to take a video of themself, their friends, groups etc doing the Waggle Dance . The video(s) should then be uploaded and an edited combined video (like the current ones being shown of musicians and singers being shown on TV and social media) will be part of World Bee Day on 20 May.
An application has been made to the Guinness World Book of Records to hopefully have the Waggle Dance participation recorded as a world record - there is a tight timeline for the application to be processed before the 20 May. 
Full details of the registration process, the Waggle Dance demo video etc will be distributed soon.
Start making your Waggle Dance outfit!