When visiting a school during a business trip to India some years ago, Rotarian Mark Balla noticed that there were primary school age children of both sexes, and young teenage males, but no teenage female students at all. When asked why, students explained that it was because there were no toilets for them. 


In India, over 100 million students go to schools that do not have toilets. Lack of toilets prevents girls from attending school. Lack of education of girls perpetuates poverty.

Up to 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to proper toilets. 4000 children die every day due to diseases caused by poor sanitation, that's one child every 2 and a half minutes.

'We Can't Wait' founder Mark Balla will explain to the club meeting on 15 April how this realisation changed his life, and how addressing this basic need for people in the developing world became his life's mission.