How often do you do a stocktake on your financial position and consider if your set up is working towards your broader financial and lifestyle objectives? The notorious deadline of 30 June presents an occasion for you to review your financial position and consider whether short-term, there are any financial strategies that should be employing in the current or next financial year, changes to legislation that may impact you and more broadly, what your medium and long-term investment strategies are to grow your wealth and meet your needs. Investment opportunities, superannuation and ways to minimise tax will be among the questions raised and topics discussed by Financial Adviser from Accru Wealth Management, Kate Rhodes.
Kate works at Accru Melbourne, a Hawthorn East based financial services firm offering financial planning, accounting and audit services. Kate is passionate about working closely with her clients, spanning across all demographics, to grow their wealth and expand their financial literacy to ensure their goals are being met and they are making well informed decisions towards their financial future.