A terrific Multi-Club FORaMEAL event was held last Tuesday at the Kew Bowls Club. Club's from within and outside our District volunteered their time to fill the FORaMEAL food packs.  Other volunteers were from the Guides and a table of men and women who wanted to contribute to a community event for a great cause. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Approximately 39000 meals were packed which is a great result. Thank you to the organising committee, especially Val Cunniffe and Doug Hawley. A further thank you goes to Doug who, when it was realised at about 7 pm  that there weren't enough FORaMEAL sachets, jumped in his car and drove to Dandenong and back to pick up  more sachets. Nearly all of the volunteers generously stayed much later than originally anticipated to continue the filling of the sachets.