The ‘Monster Mash’ moment of truth is upon us. On Monday 16 March,  after digging deep,  the biggest potato and largest crop by weight will be judged!
The competition has been hard fought and some of our members had a three storey high  buckets of spuds which were tenderly cultivated over the past four/five months.
To be eligible:
  • You will need to bring a printed out photo of your entire crop and the exact metric weight. (If you don’t have printing facilities you can email your photo to Lili-Ann by March 13 for printing:
  • Your name  and the precise weight of your crop should be written or printed on the photograph
  • The photograph will be mounted on the wall for all to examine
  • It would be good to include a matchbox in the photo to give an idea of the size of your potatoes
  • Hopefully a witness will be able to verify that the crop came out of one bucket!
  • You will need to bring your biggest potato so that it can be weighed and measured  and recorded as you enter the meeting
  • The biggest potato will be judged by  a combination of the greatest circumference and total weight. For example your potato may be the widest, but not necessarily the heaviest and so not a winner.
  • The judges’ decision will be final and prizes will be awarded on the night.
We greatly look forward to seeing the rewards (or not)  of your gallant gardening efforts!