John Naughton from the East Camberwell Chapter of the St Vincent de Paul Society joined us and gave  a brief outline of the Society programs.
Vinnies was founded way back in 1853 and does visitation work with around 13000 volunteers (obviously not all in the East Camberwell chapter). It responds to calls for assistance in the way of food, furniture and vouchers.
Around $16 m in assistance  has been provided this year and a further $2.5 m has been provided in bushfire support.
Covid very much restricted the Vinnies activities with visitations reduced in part due to many of the volunteers being aged in the vulnerable age group. Also the Vinnies shops were closed which reduced the income flow.
However the Society and volunteers have kept working and still achieved great things.
In previous years the Club throught its members and friends have donated gifts for children to the Society and these have been distributed to less fortunate children in the community.
John thanked the Club for its past support and advised that there was great appreciation for the generosity by the children who received gifts.
Because there are still some Covid safety restrictions, instead of the Club members providing gifts, a donations page has been set-up using the Club's Trybooking facility. Funds donated will be provided to the Society and used for gift cards, vouchers and other appropriate support.
If you would like to make a donation please click on this link
Your early donation would be appreciated to allow for the Society to use the funds to purchase the gifts and arrange distribution prior to Christmas.
Many thanks John for joining us and helping get us into the Christmas spirit.