We were very pleased to have past District Governor Grant Hocking join us to speak about his role with optimisation and all things rotary.
The old adage  about giving a busy person a task and it will be done is very true with Grant.
His new optimisation role in District 9800 seems to have very broad boundaries. Optimisation is about  the best way to do things and continual improvement. Covid-19 has created  unique circumstances to facilitate change.
Grant mentioned a few of the activities and programs that he is leading and/or involved with which includes:
  • He is working with others in the District  such as David Whiting and Cliff Downey to bring about change and improvement.. They are looking to introduce a knowledge management system to record past and current policies, minutes, activities, events  and history so that these things are not lost and forgotten in a file in a back room of a former District officer. Basically it will be a repository of information  and data and will  be readily searchable..
  • Grant is also looking at District recognised projects - ones that are broader than one Club and how these are managed, identified and fostered.
  • He is also a member of a regionalisation committee looking at how rotary is structured, its zones and leadership processes and modernising tasks. This is a very large process.
  • Other new committees have commenced and are related to the environment and also diversity and inclusion
  • Finally Grant referred to the end polio project and how this will develop and grow particularly with our present social restriction rules.
Thanks Grant for joining us to give us an update about how a busy person fills in part of their day and the great work you are doing for rotary.