Again this week we were very fortunate to hear an inspiring presentation by Bwe Thay, a Deputy Commissioner at Multicultural Victoria.
Bwe spent several years in displacements settings in India before coming to Australia in 2009.
As a very positive person Bwe has, through his studies at the ACU, made the most of the opportunities here that were not available to him in his home country.
He now works at Swinburne University which is a far cry from the days when, due to little funds, he regularly walked from the ACU in Fitzroy to where he was living in the Ringwood area.
Bwe has a sense of community and has and is working on projects to empower people and aims and encourages people to give things a go.
He thanked the Club for it support of the community who are struggling through the meal donations from the FORaMEAL project.