We were enlightened last Monday in the presentation by Amanda Donohoe, CEO of Servants Housing and also Sydney Matingo, one of the residents who spoke about the demand and circumstances associated with providing accommodation and support for residents in our community. Amanda indicated that many of the residents do not easily fit anywhere but they require accommodation. The residents may have mental health, depression, alcohol or drug issues,  have been recently released from prison or are disengaged from their family. Some members of the community in these circumstances end up in privately run rooming houses which have a varied history and some fortunately find their way to Servants Housing.
Amanda has over a period of 20 years worked, with breaks in between,  in various roles at Servants Housing having been appointed CEO in 2017. She has observed the nature of the services and residents change significantly over that period particularly with the closure of a number of mental health facilities. With the support of many organisations Servants Housing has been able to open a house only for women - this has been a great step forward.
Sydney then spoke with confidence and sincerity about  how living at Servants Housing has assisted his personal well-being. He has been able to integrate into the community and there a sense of safety and trust. Sydney then outlined his own journey from where he attended a good school, was employed but his mental illness resulted in him becoming homeless. Through the assistance of Servants Housing he is now looking to return to a TAFE course and will ultimately look to find his own housing.
The Club recently made a donation to Servants Housing and it is hoped that it helps to assist in the great work that the organisation provides.