Last night (12 November) ‘Rotarians for Bees’ hosted an extremely successful evening at the Greenacres Golf Course with 190 attendees.
Amazing speakers were Jane and Peter Dyer (Backyard Honey), Claire Moore (2019 Rural Woman Award Winner) talking about Varroa Resistant Queen Bees, regenerist farming and beekeeping certification and Dr James Fitzsimmons on Pollination Pathways and the greening of Melbourne suburbs.
The room was ‘BUZZING’. It was fun and informative. It was a joy to see the partnership of the Rotary Clubs of Canterbury, Balwyn and Camberwell to assist with the organisation and delivering a very high attendance from these Clubs and other Clubs in the cluster and friends and families of members . Bee friendly plants, bee hotels, bee charms and jewellery were on sale to support bee research and sustainability. Funds were raised with the humorous and expert auctioneering skills of Rotarian Jonathan Shepherd. Well done to all involved!!! An amazing collaborative effort.