Tash Facci and Austin King took on the role as MC's for our trivia quiz and did a great job.
Karin and Rob Simpson had prepared a  number of very difficult set of questions covering topics including geography, national drinks of countries, general  knowledge and matching pictures to film titles. Tables competed against each other for prizes of bags of chocolates. The competition was robust, some answers would have been referred to the independent judge, but there was no such  person and some people seemed to have an awesome knowledge of the national drinks of very obscure countries (they must have done a lot of overseas travel and possibly drinking!).
We were also very fortunate to be entertained by Helen Schiele who did some great impersonations which linked in with the quiz topic of drinking  habits of counties around the world.
It was a great warm up for those members and friends who later headed off to be part of the audience at the Q&A program.