A few updates were provided at the meeting:
  • President Tony Laycock reminded members to complete the on-line survey that was emailed out on Wednesday 26 August.
  • Bob Lambert  gave an update on progress with the welcome packs which will be distributed to new residents in the Boroondara area - all is looking good.
  • Joe Flinn advised that the Club's application for a Connected Victoria grant has been submitted and has received strong support from within the aged care sector.
  • Ed Brown spoke about DIK and advised that activities are on-hold at the moment but hopefully will ramp up soon. Ed is now on the DIK Board and will be looking for assistance with pick-ups and at DIK once it resumes activities. Thanks Ed for taking on this role.
  • Val indicated the FORAMEAL food packs are moving quickly and she and Doug Hawley have been asked to speak at several Rotary Clubs about the project
At next Monday's meeting the Club is having a yellow theme and members are encouraged to wear  yellow to celebrate the arrival of spring and the emergence of wattle.