It was great to again see a strong turnout last Monday evening at our zoom Club meeting.
Our team room topic for discussion  was random acts of kindness. Some act of kindness were highlight when the members returned from their team rooms and it was fantastic to hear the details of what members have been doing to assist the community, friends and families. 
President Tony advised that a number of Club members including Pat Poynton, Sue Osborne and Tash Facci have put their hand up to lead the homelessness project - many thanks.
Val outlined the huge steps that have been taken to get the books for aged care residents project up and running. A number of books have already been prepared and will be distributed to aged care residents where Janet Hay works. It is planned to look at distributing the  books (which are prepared in Word or PowerPoint) to other aged care settings.
Doug and Val have recently distributed FORaMEAL food packs to a number of organisations and it is hoped that the Club can grow this project to distribute the packs to many more organisations to provide to families and individuals who needs assistance due to the Covid restrictions. Please advise Doug or Val if you know of any organisation that would like to receive the food packs.