We heard that the Club is making an application under the Let's Stay Connecting program for funding to be aimed at aged care residents and help with reducing isolation. The aim, should funding be made available, is to prepare videos and other material to be distributed to aged settings and the elderly. Thanks to Joe Flinn who has assisted with the application process.
Doug and Val gave us an update on the FORaMEAL project and advised that an unbelievable 20000 meals had been distributed on Monday alone. There are now 17 organisations who are receiving pallets/boxed of the FORaMEAl packs. These are staggering numbers. Please have a look at the new FORaMEAl website at www.forameal.org
Edda Williams has taken on a coordinating role with the aged care books project and Jenny Vero is assisting with working our way through the copyright hurdles. Many thanks.
If anyone in the Club is having issues with the Club's IT systems like the website, zoom, getting emails and the Club's online phone app please do not hesitate to contact John Braine or Steve Wylie who will do their best to assist.