President Lili-Ann gave a summary of some of the activities that the Club had been involved with over the past months and also some of the upcoming activities. These upcoming activities include:
  • the judging of the Monster Mash potato growing competition on 16 March. Please see the judging rules later in the Bulletin
  • the induction of 11 new members also on 16 March
  • the Club will be participating in the Boroondara Sustainability  Festival on Saturday 21 March with bee hotel activity, a nature bee seed bomb activity, children's art and the first demonstration of the waggle dance. Please contact Lili_Ann if you are able to assist on the day
  • the Guinness World book of records waggle dance attempt on Sunday 31 May being organised by the Club and held at Camberwell High School. We are expecting some well know TV garden show presenters to join us on the day to assist with the judging.