At our meeting on 17 June, President Steve provided a summary of the points raised at the Brainstorming evening held earlier in the month. He also reminded members about the Camberwell Rotary Club Art show being held at Swinburne University commencing 29 June through to 7 July.
We were then very fortunate to have a brief presentation by Eliza Li, picture above. Eliza spoke about the fantastic volunteering work being done by students undertaking medical and related ancillary courses at Monash University. The volunteer group call HalaltoHealth visit the Philippines to provide hands-on assistance at medical facilities and to the local health officers. They also endeavor to suggest better strategies to assist with the health issues in the country.
Eliza and her HalahtoHealth colleagues have also been volunteers at FORaMEAL events.
On a light note two of our members, John McCaskill and Bill Granger, by chance sat next to each other at the meeting  only to instantly comment on each others excellent choice of jumper.