Lili-Ann and John McCaskill gave us an insight into the Rotary 4 Bees activities and the emphasis on education. The current projects are:
  • Colour Your World which is about bee friendly gardens in the home garden, and
  • Garden boxes
We will hear more about R4B's and the District 9800 Environmental Sustainability Committee at our next meeting.
Ted Waghorne advised that bushfire appeal and District Bushfire  Relief Committee funds have been used to contribute to the  purchase  of a milling machine to harvest fallen trees and to use the wood for fence posts and palings. The machine will be shared by farmers on an as-needs basis.
Please remember that at the commencement of next week's meeting on 21 September there will be a Special Meeting to vote on the revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Club notice of which was distributed to members by email on 12 August 2020. The Special Meeting should be  completed in less than ten minutes. Your early zooming in to the meeting at 6.30 pm would be appreciated as there needs to be a third of the members present to constitute a quorum.