The photos above are from the plant potting held last Sunday 13 October at the home of Liz and John McCaskill. Fifteen members and friends assisted in potting  more than 2500 plants which are off to the Camberwell Sunday Market commencing on Sunday 20 October and on several Sundays from this date onwards. Very many thanks to everyone who assisted especially Janet Hay and Liz and John McCaskill.
President Lili-Ann asked John McCaskill to give our members a short (?) talk on Rotarians for Bees, one of the three signature programs managed by our club. John explained that R4Bees was formed out of concern for decline in bee and other pollinator numbers due to the varroa mite infestation, destructive chemical sprays and disappearing plant vegetation essential for providing our food chain eg. 100% of crops like almonds, walnuts and avocados rely on pollination and 50-70%of almost all other essential food source.
R4Bees is  a committee of Rotarians from three of the five Victorian Districts (soon will be all five), together with beekeeping industry bodies, the three levels of government and support organizations working together through research, education and training and major relevant programs to ensure best practice and survival of the pollination species. When this model is up and running, we are going to replicate the model in all states and then internationally,  all started and led through the Rotary Club of Canterbury with fantastic District support.
John mentioned some key activities of R4Bees including the major program for 3000 seedlings to be sold in coming weeks at the Camberwell market and other events. He pleaded for support from our Club by attending the exciting event at Greenacres on Tuesday 12th November - this is our official club meeting for that week instead of the Monday and details are on the flier in this Bulletin. We are asking members to bring partners, family and children/grandchildren to this very important community event. It will be fascinating with several leading speakers, interesting and very informative, not to mention fun. The booking details are on the flier and it is as simple clicking on this link to book. We are hoping for at least six tables from our Club. Your early registration for the event will help with our planning and ensure you are confirmed for this club highlight night.