The Club had a slight change of format for our Zoom Club meeting last Monday. Members were randomly broken up into small groups of around six members to have a chat among themselves on a less formal basis before rejoining with all the members at the meeting to continue in the usual format. We will trial this for a few weeks to see how it goes.
Some matters of interest were raised at the meeting:
  • The Club has recently donated  $1400 in total to assist students at Swinburne University who have been impacted by restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.
  • The Club had, through the former Yarra Bend RC, received a grant to assist with a tree planting/gardening project. The deadline for the completion of the project has now  been extended to June 2021
  • There are some discussion underway to possibly resume BusyFeet classes using online formats.
Again our new sergeant Steve Wylie entertained us with an on-line quiz which was all about our mental age - there were some interesting results.
Note about the above photo:
In the photo above is Holgar Knaack and his partner Susanne, who is the  Rotary International President for 2020-21. Holgar is a long time member of a German Rotary Club and the theme he has adopted for his year is Rotary Opens Opportunities
No Holgar and Susanne did not attend last Monday's meeting but it is worthwhile showing their photo. As the Club is meeting via Zoom there is a shortage of photos from the Club meetings to include in the Bulletin.