Opportunities are available for members to participate in District meetings on Monday and Wednesday nights.
Rosemary Waghorne provided the following information:
To join this D9800 Zoom Meeting:  Monday and Wednesday  starting at 6PM
  1. Your computer or phone can be used with a camera and microphone
  2. Use this link  https://zoom.us/j/103410322 to open the Zoom window (once you have downloaded the Zoom app  and set-up an account)
  3. You will soon see everyone who has joined the meeting
This information is on the front of the District webpage: https://rotarydistrict9800.org.au/ along with a list of future speakers.  Last Monday evening they  they had a quiz, something we are familiar with and which went down very well.
In addition, Rosemary advised that she was on a Zoom cluster meeting on Tuesday morning and took away the following:
  • Most Clubs are having zoom meetings and many of them are having guest speakers.  Ideas for speakers include using Tedx talks, or some of the ones on the Rotary Brand Centre, which is being updated with more speakers.  These can be shared via the host’s screen on zoom.
  • Some Clubs are directing their members to the District meetings if District has a well know speaker rather than have their own meeting.  DG Grant Hocking is trying to have many of the cancelled conference speakers to present.
  • Several Clubs are putting out step-by-step zoom guides for their members and there are also some available on the District website.
  • People and Clubs are encouraged to add ideas to the ‘Staying Connected’ button pages on the district website – an example is DG Grant Hocking’s walking group post.
  • On the District webpage there is a link for Clubs to add their meeting details so that others outside their Club can join. https://rotarydistrict9800.org.au/sitepage/staying-connected/meetings-in-d9800  
  • There is also a list of 'Meetings around the World’ https://rotarydistrict9800.org.au/sitepage/staying-connected/meetings-around-the-world at which you can join a whole host of meetings across the globe.  Several people have joined meetings from the other side of the world with great success – just beware of time differences.
These avenues provide an opportunity to connect with others we wouldn’t normally meet.