Last Monday Past President Steve Wylie found himself back on the stage filling in for Lili-Ann who is  away on business. He reminded members about the request for assistance at DIK over the coming weeks - see the details below. Steve advised that he had attended a meeting with Val Cunniffe at Swinburne to discuss what volunteers from the university are seeking. The outcome of the discussion and research are the observations that the students who volunteer are looking for short projects, which are  close to Swinburne and where they could meet their peers as part of the project. The contact at Swinburne is Sarah Cleaveland.
Janet Hay mentioned the Rotary for Bees project  where bee friendly plants are going to be sold at a stall at the Camberwell Market. There are going to be two plant potting days probably in October. The dates are yet to be confirmed but one potting day will be held at Janet's home and the other at John McCaskill's home. There will be a BBQ to feed the plant potters on each day.
John McCaskill again introduced Pat Poyton who has taken on the role of coordinating the mock interviews for the participants in the Salvation Army classes. Pat at this stage is looking for volunteers who would be able to assist participants who are looking for careers in IT, accounting and hospitality. Pat advised that the participants are thrilled to have the mentoring support from Club members.
Rob Simpson of behalf of Karin, who has volunteered to be the manager of the Club social program, passed around a questionnaire looking for suggestions and comments about social activities over the coming months. If anyone has suggestions that were not provided at the meeting could they please email them to Karin at