Last week, as a prelude to the usual meeting, the Club's Annual Meeting was held. Club Secretary Neil Williams handled the formalities including calling a quorum, moving a motion that last year's Annual Meeting Minutes be accepted and similarly moving a motion that the 2018-19 audited financial statements be accepted.
Neil then announced the nominations for all the Board positions for the 2020-21 year and the nominations were duly elected by a show of hands of the members. Congratulations to the following on their election, and re-election in the case of a number of the Board members:
President                                         Tony Laycock
Past President                                 Lili-Ann Kriegler
President Elect                                Cathy Macmillan
Secretary                                          Neil Williams
Treasurer                                         John Braine
Director Community Services      Bill Granger
Director Club Services                   Anthony Balocca
Director Youth Services                Anne Josefsberg
Director International Services   Greg Vero
Congratulations especially to Cathie Macmillan on her election as President Elect. Cathie's election will continue a recent run of female Presidents in the Club following this year's President Lili-Ann Kriegler and the 2015-16 President Nora Ley.
Thank you to the current Board members Carmela Dimasi , Steve Wylie and Andrew Mastrowicz who will conclude their period on the Board in June 2020 and who in each case have been on the Board for a number of years.