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Last Week's Meeting - 21 September 2020
At the commencement of the meeting we held a Special General Meeting to consider and vote on a revised constitution and bylaws which had been distributed for consideration to Club members in early August. Every three years Rotary International considers submissions proposing amendments to the constitution and bylaws and subsequently distributes an endorsed version of the documents. Our District then reviews the documents to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Victorian Incorporated  Association Act, and recommends a version of the documents for Clubs to adopt. The process is very formal. At our meeting the members voted to adopt the revised documents which will be the guiding governance source for the next three years.
Other matters, all of a much lighter nature than the formalities of the Special General Meeting, discussed at the Club meeting included:
  • Advice from Anne Josefsberg that three applicants supported by the Club had been successful in gaining entry to next year's National Youth Science Forum.
  • President Elect Cathie Macmillan asked members to consider nominating for a Board position for the 2021-22 year and asked anyone interested to contact her.
  • Tony Laycock advised that he will be giving a short presentation on the FORaMEAL project at next Saturday's 28 September Zoom morning tea with the District Governance. Please join the meeting which commences at 10 am to 11.30 am if you are able - you will need to book at
  • Doug Hawley advised that again this week more than 29000  meals had been distributed through the FORaMEAL project - that now is more than 100000 meals in just a few months. He also indicated that approval had been obtained from Rotary Australia World Community Service to establish a  RABS – Rotary Australia Benevolent Society project. RABS is a Public Benevolent Fund to register projects within Australia to enable Rotary Clubs to provide assistance to people in need within their local or wider community. This will be used by the Club to encourage donations to the FORaMEAL project that will be used to further develop the project within Australia.
  • Edda indicated that the aged care books are being trialed at an aged care facility and it is hoped they will be available on our website in the near future.
Last Week's Speakers - Fabienne Nichola and John McCaskill
We were joined at our meeting by Fabienne Nichola and John McCaskill who are the co-chairs of the District 9800 newly formed Environmental Sustainability Committee. Fabienne is a member of the Camberwell RC (our close neighbours) and John is of course a proud and well know member of the Canterbury RC.
Fabienne kicked off the presentation with a short video outlining key environmental involvements through ESRAG (Environment and Sustainability Rotary Action Group) throughout Rotary worldwide and also  that Rotary International is encouraging rotary members to support environmental initiatives as it is seen as an important area of focus.  She reminded us that environmental sustainability has now been ratified by Rotary International as the seventh area of focus, a decision which will see increased funding by grant applications and clubs attracting new environmentally concerned members as an organisation that is contemporary and engaged in relevant community programs
Fabienne outlined that Clubs should consider taking on environmental projects as the community generally has a strong appetite for sustainability and various surveys of rotarians indicate that for them this is a strong area of interest.
One of the Environmental Sustainability Committee's aims is to raise awareness about what can be achieved and how collaborating with other will make this easier. 
Some of the projects which are getting underway (Covid 19 has slowed the role-out of the Committees projects) are:
  • Colour Your World - this lets Clubs and individuals participate to give a dash of colour to their gardens, and introduce the concept of biodiversity through supporting plants, animals, insects etc. It is hoped that most rotary Clubs in the state will join in with this project along with members of the business community. Please see more details about this project at
  • Zero Waste Cooking - about how to minimise your waste in the kitchen
  • Centennial Project - in conjunction with the Wheen Bee Foundation the aim is to produce a planting guide for the Melbourne area
John McCaskill advised that a recognition program is being launched called the  Enviro Club to help recognise Clubs that have environmental projects up and running.
John also spoke about the  Rotarians for Bees, an initiative of our own club and now achieving great results in all five Victorian Districts to assist the survival and the future thriving of bees and pollinators which are so critical to our food chain and for a number of reasons are under serious threat.
John elaborated on the very recent launch of the Colour Your World Rotary Garden program launched across all Districts to coincide with Spring and beautiful gardens coming to life. Once again, District 9800 is leading the charge with this and many of our own members have been instrumental in developing and producing the promo information and social media material . Particular thanks were given to Lili-Ann (who was the architect of our own club Great Potato Challenge which was so successful and so much fun), and Rob Anderson, Ted and Rosemary who also assisted as members of the R4BEES Committee also including Janet, Elizabeth and Jonathon Shepherd.  We are hoping that, like the Potato Challenge, our Canterbury members will get out into their gardens, patios, and balconies just to participate in this fun event and the joy of growing flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs etc
The Canterbury RC will also have available plants and bee hotels to help individuals get their projects established - more to come on this soon.
There is a lot of environmental sustainability information available at the Rotary for Bees website at and also about the work of the Committee on the District 9800 website at
Thanks Fabienne and John for sharing news about the work of the Committee and its projects and please support John and Fabienne with Colour Your World so that our club can again lead the way with garden photos and help us to brighten the world for Rotarians and friends of Rotary.
Next Week -  Bob Lambert and a Trivia Night
Next week we are going to hear a member behind the badge presentation  from Bob Lambert - sure to be very interesting.
Also start preparing because next Monday we are also entertaining ourselves with a virtual trivia night.
The topic is travel and you are asked to put on your best travel gear to make this a fun night.
Here is your first travel teaser question. From what town was the photo  below taken of the very famous mountain in the background.
Good luck
End Polio Now Challenge
Last week President Tony sent out an  email  inviting members and friends to be part of the team to raise funds for the End Polio Now campaign. He called the team Canterbury Ramblers and was reminded that we have usually run with the name Canterbury Canters. He has asked the organisers if we can change the name but has yet to hear back from them. Several members have already registered.
Please let Tony know at if you are interested or simply register and join in. The link for our team is
For those who don’t feel up to this challenge but would like to participate how about sponsoring one of our team members.
An Evening with Radio Legend John Burns
Rotary Give Every Child a Future
RYLA Online
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