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Last Week's Meeting - 15 June 2020
A number of matters were raised at the meeting:
  • Rosemary Waghorne advised the Club had received a certificate of appreciation for the donation of string bags.
  • The concept of a business plan competition has progressed with a discussion being held with Swinburne University
  • The idea of providing care packs to patients who arrive in hospital emergency departments has also progressed with discussions being held with other Clubs who already have an established donation process.
  • Patchwork quilts made by Rosemary and her sister have been forwarded to Gippsland families who have children undergoing cancer treatment
  • Ted Waghorne is calling for members to be part of a fundraising committee for the 2020-21 year. Please contact Ted if you are available to join the committee.
  • Around $1300 has been donated to assist Swinburne University students who have been impacted by financial hardship during the Covid-19 restrictions. Donations can still be made on the Trybooking link distributed in earlier emails. Also Doug Hawley advised that FORaMEAL foodpacks have also been provided to the University.
  • Cathie Macmillan thanked everyone who generously donated to her walk for Avner Foundation - She really appreciate the support! She said it was so motivating to walk throughout the month of May raising much needed funds for pancreatic cancer research. Cathie walked 175 kms over the month which is the equivalent of walking from her home in Surrey Hills to Bendigo plus a few more kms! More importantly the fundraising total so far is $5035
  • Bill Granger asked that members consider making a donation to the Cancer Council in lieu of contributing to the Relay For Life walk which has been cancelled for this year. Donations can be made online at the Cancer Council website.
  • Our speaker program manager Gilly Swinnerton asked that if anyone had any suggestions for possible speakers could they please email her the details at
Prior to the Club meeting, the Board met for the final time for the 2019-20 financial year. For four of our members the meeting was their last gathering as Board members. Gerry Cross, Andrew Mastrowicz, Carmela Dimasi and Steve Wylie have all been members of the Board for a number of years and each has made a significant contribution to the Board and more broadly the operations and governance of the Club. Very many thanks to each one of you for the time and effort that you have made to the Board and the Club.
Last Week's Speaker - Toni Arfaras

On Monday, we  were visited, via Zoom, by Toni Arfaras, giving her first online presentation as an ambassador for the Stroke Foundation’s StrokeSafe speaker team.

After hiccups in starting through a wrong zoom number, Toni opened with the statement- “In September 2013 at the age of 46, my life changed I fell against the wall at home and my life changed”. I felt we were going to hear a powerful story and we certainly did.

By knitting seamlessly together her journey and the pictures and stats in the slides, Toni explained, that whilst she waited a few days because she just felt so tired, it is important to act quickly in stroke, as special clot buster drugs can be given in the blockage type need to be administered within 90 minutes to maximise recovery. For every 15 minutes of delay after stroke, brain cells the size of a pea die, which arises from a clot blocking a blood vessel or an artery/vein bursting open (haemorrhagic stroke). The brain cell death occurs through lack of oxygen. A TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) are short term stroke where the body is able to right itself, but are signs that a stroke may be coming.  Toni has subsequently had three of these, and is to be investigated later this week for another. By 2050 there will be 1 stroke every 4 minutes occurring in Australia, which is why Toni wants to help people at risk and also encourage support for research.

Toni explained that her life has changed drastically since 2013. She has not and will not be able to return to primary school teaching, does not drive for risk of having a stroke whilst at the wheel, cannot read books through loss of continuity in the plot and misses her hobbies of intricate knitting and cross stitch. Fatigue is a real problem through sensory overload- Toni had rested up for our talk and did not expect to do much the next day after the talk (which made me feel really guilty we had put her under stress in accessing our Zoom point - sorry Toni). Similarly, if the supermarket shopping takes too long, her words slur, her concentration and decision making capacity wane, which linked to Toni teaching us the FAST Acronym for stroke - Face (has one side dropped a little?), Arms  (can they be raised equally and straight?), Speech (is diction slurred) and Time (don’t delay accessing medical assessment). Whilst stroke risk is greater for some ethnicities and as we age, healthy eating (look out for hidden salt), exercise, regular health checks - especially keeping blood pressure near 130/80 - less alcohol and not smoking are factors where we can reduce our likelihood of experiencing stroke.

Toni revealed telemedicine had improved care in regional areas, and that The Royal Melbourne Hospital now has a special stroke ambulance specially equipped to attend if your event is within 20 km of Parkville. There were deep and probing questions from members and the Zoom chat column showed that this talk was much appreciated by members. Donations to The Stroke Foundation are always welcome (although Toni’s pitch was very gentle).

Thank you Toni for sharing your very moving story with us. You are brave and bold and we are all in your debt for helping us to avoid a stroke, know the symptoms if we or our close contacts do experience a stroke, and admire your drive and vivacity in living so well after your experiences. We hope your medical assessment this week goes well

Next Week's Speaker - Christina Canters
Our speaker next week is Christina Canters, CEO of Podcast Services Australia, who will share an introduction to podcasting: what it is, why it's beneficial for engagement and growing a brand, and steps for getting started. She will also share her own journey of growing her business communication podcast 'Stand Out Get Noticed', to over 1.8 million downloads.
Prior to starting her own business, Christina completed an MBA in architecture.
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