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Last Week's Meeting - 7 August 2020
At our meeting we heard of great progress being taken with two new initiatives:
Meals packages have now been distributed to seven organisations who are then distributing them to those members of the community who are struggling to put food on the table. Also a meeting has been held with representatives of the Multicultural Commission who have agreed to assist in the distribution process to a number of organisations. Please let Val or Doug know if there is an organisation who would benefit from receiving a distribution of the food packages.
Aged Care Books
The writing of personalised  books to be provided to residents in aged care facilities has taken huge strides. There are now about 20 books which have been written and plans are being established about how to make these more readily available to residents and carers at numerous facilities.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in getting this project up and running.
Last Week's Speaker - Julian Mather

Julian Mather spoke to us from Brisbane in a sophisticated set up where we could both see his slides and watch him present!  ( Lil asked how he managed this and Julian explained he uses software called ecamlive and 2 phones to achieve this - more details available from him)

His topic was “The Second Best Job In the World”, which is the title of a book he wrote ten years ago, and then showed us a marvellous video from the canyon where Wollemi Pines were discovered but has been kept secret. To keep it secret, everyone (except the pilot, choppered in to film the scene) wore blindfolds! Julian was there in his role as an ABC cameraman. The scene was exquisite, and he said the silence amazing (once the helicopter had left), as the dense carpet of pods from the pines absorbed all sound.

Julian quickly filled us in that he felt the Best Job in the world belongs to Sir David Attenborough, and the adventures he experiences.

He then spoke about being “Trapped by Assumptions” ( upper case intentionally, as it was a whole topic) and told the story of Harry Houdini, the master escapologist, being stuck in a cage and then finding he could free himself after all as his captors had omitted to lock the door he needed to pass through, and how this applied to another journey he had. … Julian was at a school in Britain where a PC Wallington was doing wonderful work with recalcitrant schoolchildren and the concept of extraordinary change can come about from ordinary people doing extra to achieve change for the better. Julian then learned that one is only ever “8 inches from the best decision of your life” ( another great story about Jimmy the Fuse) and went on a philanthropic goal  having learned change is from decisions not process.  For his Footpath University podcasts, see

Julian finished his time with us doing magic tricks, another skill he has learned to break the ice on many occasions. You really missed out if you didn’t hear his talk.

Thank you Julian for taking us with you on a few of your amazing journeys and inspiring us to pop the bubble of assumption.


Next Week's Speaker - Harpreet Singh Maan
Harpreet Singh Maan will join us to speak about the Sikh Interfaith Community and the work they do.
Recently the Club contributed funding to the organisation to assist them with meals for members of the community, particular students, who have been impacted by Covid restrictions and unemployment.
Canterbury RC Story with Doug Hawley
Below is  story which is reproduced from last week's District 9800 Bulletin which provides a great advertisement for the Club and demonstrates the huge contribution which Doug Hawley has made to many Club projects.

Doing good in the world…it’s what Rotary does!

A business colleague, who was a member of Rotary Club of Balwyn, encouraged Doug Hawley to join Rotary in 1987.  They had done voluntary work together, and when Rotary Balwyn formed the Canterbury club, Doug became a Charter Member.

“I have been fortunate to be involved in three major projects. In 1993-94, clubs were invited to raise funds for the Donor Bone Marrow Institute.  Our project was a re-enactment of the inaugural Grand Prix, and we organised vintage cars and 350 volunteers to keep people off the track,” advised Doug and further adding “I was surprised how easy it was to get Rotary volunteers from other Clubs.  We raised $70,000 in two years, a great effort for a small club. When the real Grand Prix came to Melbourne, no other motor sports were allowed, so we lost our fund-raiser.”

The second project came when PhD study by fellow-Rotarian, Jill Peake, resulted in a simple eye-screening process. Jill introduced the club to the Cataract Association that she had started in the Philippines, and since then club members have made 23 annual visits.

“We take 25 people who support the Filipino surgeons,” said Doug.  “In total, the Foundation has enabled 800,000 blind people to regain their vision! We now screen hearing as well.”

For-A-Meal is the third key project in which Doug has been involved.  This project centres on supplying nutritious dry-food relief packs following natural disasters. The club arranges distribution through other Rotary clubs, and would like to supply other countries in the future.

Doug says that it’s a privilege to be a Rotary volunteer:  “You get so much more out than you put in. Collegial support is vital, and many friendships result.”

Doug believes Rotary’s challenge is to attract younger members, which means Rotary must change to attract them.  He feels that reduced costs and time demands might help with overcoming this challenge.

“Rotarians want to do good in the world, locally and internationally.  If people join with that in mind, they become good Rotarians,” Doug concluded.

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