eBulletin Volume 35 - Issue 3- 17 July 2020
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Last Week's Meeting - 13 July 2020
The Club had a slight change of format for our Zoom Club meeting last Monday. Members were randomly broken up into small groups of around six members to have a chat among themselves on a less formal basis before rejoining with all the members at the meeting to continue in the usual format. We will trial this for a few weeks to see how it goes.
Some matters of interest were raised at the meeting:
  • The Club has recently donated  $1400 in total to assist students at Swinburne University who have been impacted by restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.
  • The Club had, through the former Yarra Bend RC, received a grant to assist with a tree planting/gardening project. The deadline for the completion of the project has now  been extended to June 2021
  • There are some discussion underway to possibly resume BusyFeet classes using online formats.
Again our new sergeant Steve Wylie entertained us with an on-line quiz which was all about our mental age - there were some interesting results.
Note about the above photo:
In the photo above is Holgar Knaack and his partner Susanne, who is the  Rotary International President for 2020-21. Holgar is a long time member of a German Rotary Club and the theme he has adopted for his year is Rotary Opens Opportunities
No Holgar and Susanne did not attend last Monday's meeting but it is worthwhile showing their photo. As the Club is meeting via Zoom there is a shortage of photos from the Club meetings to include in the Bulletin.
Last Week's Speaker - David Shave
David Shave, one of the Canterbury RC's newer members, gave a very informative "member behind the badge" presentation last Monday evening.
David has been a Rotarian for many years at a number of Clubs and also been President three times - he clearly has great leadership skills as was evident during his presentation given the number of senior roles he has played in large organisations and also having his own successful business.
We did not hear much about David as a child as his story started when he left school at the age of 16 with the aim of becoming a farmer. After four years as a farm hand, David had a significant change in direction and moved to Melbourne to commence a career is selling. He subsequently spent ten years working for the National Cash Register company. There were major developments during David's time at NCR with computing becoming more to the forefront and the connectivity between cash registers and main frame computers. He was sent to the USA for training at a young age and this assisted his rise through the organisation to take on a senior role in Sydney.
In the late sixties David joined a recruitment firm which his father had established. He returned to study and completed a graduate diploma in human resource management.  David took over the business and road the journey of successes of the business and several serious challenges and eventually retired in 2008.
During David's working career he has  been on many industry committees and held the President's position on a number of occasions. It was clear that David is an organiser, a believer in the strength of committees and someone who follows through having been awarded three life memberships.
Thank you David for sharing just a small part of your life story with us.
Next Week's Speaker - Bronwyn Stephens
Our speaker next week is former District Governor Bronwyn Stephens.
Bronwyn is well know to the Club as she has visited many times and been part of FORaMEAL events.
She will speak to us about a project providing assistance by way of care packages at the Alfred Hospital. She will also take the opportunity to provide an update on Rotary matters.
Wattle Badge Thank You
It’s rare for Graham Bishop to receive an order  for just one Wear  the Wattle  badge, and a first through the Club's TryBooking purchase system.  So Graham  put a 'thank you’ note with the order, and the response is below.  
Hi Graham,
I bought the badge for my friend.  Due to COVID, my friend had to complete her citizenship ceremony on Zoom and was only able to have 1 person attend (me!). I lent her my citizenship badge for the day and she remarked how lovely it was. She was disappointed she didn't get to take part in the ceremony or get her own badge.  So, I can't give her a ceremony but I went looking to see if I could find the badge. I'm delighted you were able to sell it to me.  I've gotten her a jewellery box inscribed with the date of her citizenship and I'll put the badge in it. 
You'll make an Irish (now Aussie) lady very happy.
Mary Claire 
Kew HS Garden Team
Above is a photo of a team of students from Kew High School with Phillip Naughton, a former Yarra Bend Honorary member and Ed Browne building a garden bed for planting later in the winter.
The team has been working at Kew High on Yarra Bend Rotary Club projects along with help from other Yarra Bend members when required for several years. They  now fly the flag of Canterbury Rotary Club as Ed and many other former Yarra Bend RC members joined Canterbury RC earlier in the year.
The team is taking a break for a few weeks because of Covid-19 but will be working there every Tuesday when normality returns and it  will be an opportunity for members to come with me and meet the leaders of the school.
District Policies
District 9800 recently asked each Club to formally sign off that they had adopted several District policies that have been developed/revised over recent times.
These policies are:
  • Code of Conduct
  • Protection Policy
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Mutual Respect
  • Privacy and
  • Social Media Engagement
The Board discussed these policies at the Board meeting last Monday and is following-up with District seeking clarification on one particular item.
There will be further discussion at the next Board meeting. 
To inform the members about the policies, most of which have been mentioned at various times and in communications to members previously, it is proposed to have a process to present about the policies by:
  • Inviting the District Protection Officer to speak at a Club meeting
  • As necessary, speak to each of the policies at meetings throughout the year
  • Publish the policies on the members section of the Club's website (all of the policies are currently available on the governance section of the District 9800 website)
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