eBulletin Volume 34 - Issue 39 - 29 May 2020
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Last Week's Meeting  - 25 May 2020
President Lili-Ann provided the news that long time member Gerry Cross has decided this will be his last year as a member of the Canterbury Rotary Club. Gerry and Kate however will continue to be involved with Club activities.
Gerry has been a member of this Club  since 1995 and was a members of other Clubs previously. He has been President for two terms, Secretary, Director Club Services, Foundation Director, on nearly all Committees as well as being heavily involved with Donations in Kind and the Sustainability Shop and many trip to the Philippines.
We will miss Gerry's regular involvement in the Club and the tremendous work that Kate has also provided to the Club.
Thank you Gerry and Kate for your contribution to the Club and more broadly Rotary International.
Last Week's Speaker  - Cheryl Lacey

Our speaker this week was Cheryl Lacey, a Rational Education Strategist and author of a recently released book :”Marching Schools Forward: Discussions on the Direction of Australian Education “ from Connor Court Publishing.

Whilst Cheryl advised us at the opening that 4 million families have been impacted by the move to homeschooling of children through COVID-19, she explained the origin of her interest in  education when a Grade 3 child and peoples’ responsibility to contribute to primary education. Cheryl  denoted that belonging, responsibility and person fulfillment are crucial for better primary education in providing fairness for all. Cheryl then gave an erudite explanation of three principles (of twenty) expanded upon in her recent book:

1 Diversibility, the dignified currency - which is needed to achieve good outcomes both for high achievers and disabled children as well as the middle stream. Teachers cannot excel at everything, but need to be able to work on their strengths and individuality to enjoy and succeed in their work.

2 A Stable Curriculum National standards exist in English, Maths, Health and Physical  Education and Western Civilisation. High standards are made difficult to achieve because of the plethora of groups impacting and able to tweak curricula via their different perspectives and priorities, as well as disparate political positions - from federal policies (NAPLAN) to state responsibility for schools, regional authorities, union interaction and individual school management (not to mention different drivers in metropolitan compared with rural sites and individual classroom dynamics).

3 Negotiate on Merit. Recognising and rewarding good performance has been damaged by universities replacing designated teacher training places and minimising formal in-place practice and internship at schools before registration. This has reduced standards for teacher regulation and assessment through the variety of skills at level 1, wide ranging interests at level 2 and attracting high performers for specific needs at level 3.

Cheryl feels that improving these three principles would not cost more money but requires desire to change. Teachers need to be given more autonomy for leadership to flourish.

 Cheryl has found resonance for these principles in Rotary ( and her club, Melbourne) and is encouraged that our management structure and  members’ desire to serve fairly could enable us to help accelerate the necessary change.(We can learn more in her book!)

Thank you Cheryl for a thought provoking and challenging talk and sharing with us actions we need to take for Australian education success.

Next Week's Speaker - Mark Weber
Mark Weber  is the Secretary and Public officer of the EDGE Community Fund, Inc for the past 10 years.
He also will be known to many members as Father Christmas for the past 20 years in the community and in particular at the Maling Road Kriskrindll.
He currently works in administration for the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League, part of Ice Hockey Australia.
Mark's work career has been in technical engineering sales roles since 1981 in Australia. Originally he is from Canada and Mark will speak to us about the work of the Edge Community Fund.
Waggle Dance Compilation Video
The  first edition of the  Waggle Dance video compilation was launched on Sunday 24 May 2020 on the World Bee Day website.
Thank you to all the participants who registered for the Waggle Dance Challenge.  This video is  the 1st Compilation made up of the videos that were received before 10pm  on the 18 May 2020.

Don't worry if you missed out on submitting your video on time, as  submissions will still be accepted, all year, as the Club and World Bee Day have had so many more people wanting to take part in the Waggle Dance Challenge.
Please enjoy the video and all the great waggles.
PS you may need to open this email in your browser to see the video. If this fails, please go to and see the video on the home page. (good luck)
Cathie Macmillan's Walk for Pancreatic Cancer
Cathie Macmillan has asked us to consider donating to the Avner Foundation.
I am walking 150 kms in May for Avner Foundation who raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and, more importantly, funds for pancreatic cancer research. I am walking in memory of my friend Wendy and especially this year I am walking for my cousin who is currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer. So far I have walked over 100 kms in May. I am pleased to be able to walk for those who cannot walk.
If you would like to donate to this cause then please follow the link below:
Rotarians for Bees Website Launched
World bee day is the day each year where we recognize the importance of these little creatures that underpin our food ecosystems.
What better day to launch the new Rotarians for Bees website  at
It's a work in progress and your comments and content are needed to build it out to something that's an awesome resource for #rotariansforbees
In particular please have a look at the events section of the website to see what Rotarians For Bees is involved with supporting today.
District 9800 Award Ceremony Invitation
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