While the Club has not been able to hold FORaMEAL packaging events, lots still has been happening in the FORaMEAl space.
Pallets and smaller parcels of FORAMEAL packs are currently being distributed to those in the community impacted by the Covid restrictions.
There has been an amazing take-up with many partner organisations joining with the Club to facilitate the distribution process.
To enable the concepts about the  FORaMEAL project to be easily understood, a team which has been led by Club member Kevin Xiao has very quickly established a new FORaMEAL website at www.FORaMEAL.org 
There is a very clear objective stated on the website about the FORaMEAl project - "this year, the Rotary Club of Canterbury decided to redirect part of our FORaMEAL effect to help the most vulnerable in the Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne. Our aim simple – to provide 100,000 nutritious meals to Melbournians who are at risk of hunger". 
Please take a moment to visit the website and see the details about the great work being undertaken with the FORaMEAL project and how you (or  organisations which you are affiliated with) may assist by becoming a partner and/or  making a tax deductible donation.