The Club had a great changeover on Monday 29 June to thank President Lili-Ann Kriegler  for her sterling effort over the past 12 months and then to welcome in our new President Tony Laycock and his partner Wendy.
Lili-Ann took the opportunity to thank many individuals:
  • Departing Board members Carmela Dimasi, Andrew Mastrowicz and Steve Wylie (although Tony later advised that Steve is actually staying on the Board with a couple of new roles)
  • Members who are resigning from the Club  - Michael Chong, Gerry Cross, Chris James, Sarah Prossor, Amir Salehi, Mal Short and Kathleen Stapleton
  • All the members of the Club and their partners who have helped the Club run smoothly and achieve so many things during the year, and
  • Pierre Kriegler and all the Kriegler family members who have supported Lili-Ann in the past 12 months.
Lili-Ann showed a short presentation which highlighted the projects and fun that the Club has been involved with including in our lock-down  months. Below is the link to the presentation.  It takes a few minutes to download because it is 400MB. You will need a bit of patience but is is great to  see the activities and events the Club has had over the past 12 months.
Then it was awards time.
Paul Harris pins and certificates were awarded to Janet Hay, Andrew Mastrowicz, Graham Bishop and David Zrna  who all in very individual and unique ways have made significant contributions to the Club this past year and in previous years. Congratulations and well done to each of you.
Annually a perpetual Member Recognition trophy is presented at changeover  night and this year it was awarded jointly to Steve Wylie, Bill Granger and Ted Waghorne. These three members initiated and managed the projects and activities which the Club undertook firstly to assist members in the Gippsland area who were impacted by the ongoing drought and then to assist many of the same people who were ravaged by the bush fires. The three members and the Club are providing ongoing  assistance to families in the Gippsland area. Congratulations on the award.
We were very fortunate to have District Governor Grant Hocking and his partner Melissa join our zoom meeting. Grant acknowledged and thanked many members of the Club who have taken on District roles. Also as a complete surprise Grant awarded Rosemary Waghorne a Paul Harris award from District 9800 for her tireless work as an Assistant District Governor over the past two years - a role that Rosemary is continuing again this year. Congratulations Rosemary.
Steve Wylie then presented Lili-Ann with a new trophy which has been "struck/forged" to commemorate the year that was as President of the Club. I am sure it will take pride of place in the Kriegler home for the next  12 months or then again as it is a feather duster mounted on a stand maybe it wont be on display! Obviously in complete shock, it was received with tremendous humility by Lili-Ann.
The ceremonial part of the night them transpired with Lili-Ann placing the Presidential chain of office around the neck of our new President Tony Laycock. Dressed in his best Hawaiian shirt (the theme for the night), Tony then introduced the members of the Board for the upcoming year and welcomed all members, partners and friends to be amazed at what the Club can do and to strive to achieve whatever needs to be done.
Thank you Lili-Ann and Tony for organising a great change-over night.